Self Storage Singapore: Improve your productivity & lower your stress through decluttering, using the 5S method.

Self Storage Singapore: In a month’s time, we would have passed the half year 2017 mark. You may find that you are far from achieving your new year’s resolution. Do you know that clutter inhibits creativity, causes undue stress and lowers your productivity. This can be a reason to why you have not achieved your goals. Therefore, a clean and clutter free home and workspace will certiainly help you in better focus and creative thinking.

Clutter has a negative psychological effect. It increases stress level and affects users of the common space negatively. It is

Singapore Storage – Why & How should you Declutter?

Singapore Storage (Pack and Store) – Do you have too much stuff at home that drains or frustrates you? Do you find your dining table over flowing with mails, walkway blocked with toys, rooms filled with books. If this is what you see and feel everyday, you need to control your clutter.

Decluttering your home - Singapore Storage

How should you then choose what is to be put to Self Storage or Singapore Storage companies? Research have highlighted on the negative effects of clutter to your lives. Clutter often results in lower productivity, higher stress and

Pack and Store, Storage at your doorstep.

Looking for additional storage space in Singapore? Chances are that you have or thought about storing your items in self-storage facilities. For most of us, it is a hassle to bring our items to and fro the self-storage facilities. High cost meant can also be a deterrent to store your items away. And therefore, you might have most likely kept these items that you should put away, at home.

Pack and Store, Storage at your Door Step


An article by Huffpost shows the negative effects of cluttering on your life and mind. Not